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Clear Quartz Crystal Pyramid

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A quartz crystal pyramid to have with you at work, in your office, on your altar, beside your bed, or wherever you feel the need for an energy tune up.  This crystal will be a wonderful companion to help clear energy, amplify energy and even manifest dreams.

Clear quartz is often referred to as the master stone.  It is an incredible stone for energetic clearing and amplification and can work with all other crystals to help clear and amplify their energy and healing benefits.  This is especially true in pyramid form.  Clear quartz is a healer for all chakras (the seven energy centers of the body) and therefore is helpful to just about anyone.  

Here at RGG, we are firm believers in the power of energy and it's role in healing.  We infuse all of our products with crystal waters to amplify their energy and bring you the healing benefits.  That's why the first ingredient listed on all of our products is good vibes.

So it seems like a natural step forward to start offering select crystals to all of you!  We've carefully selected some wonderful crystals and they are all stunning and full of incredible healing vibrations.  They have been cleansed in the sun and amplified with Reiki healing energy.


Size: 1 1/2" to 1 3/4" (width and height)

*The stone you receive may not be the exact stone photographed but one of similar size and shape.  We will intuitively choose which stone will be the most healing for you.


Clear Quartz Pyramid Meditation Exercises:

Hold in cupped hands and clarity your intentions to help manifest your dreams.

Place the pyramid on any of your chakras, while laying down, and feel the vibrations clearing and amplifying your chakras.  Close your eyes and really focus on the subtle sensations at each chakra.


**If you would like more information about the chakras, click here