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rhodochrosite crystals on white background
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Rhodochrosite Crystal

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A beautiful tumbled rhodochrosite crystal you can keep in your pocket and take with you wherever you go.  Let it fill you with a vibrant, pulsating energy of love, bringing you balance and harmony within.

Rhodochrosite is a beautiful, powerful stone that helps bring love to your full self; love on all levels. It is also very helpful for balancing the emotions when you feel like your emotions are running wild.  It is most helpful for the root chakra, the second (sacral) chakra and the heart chakra.  Another valuable (and of high importance at this time) use for rhodochrosite is to help heal the Earth, giving a sense of responsibility and joy in caring for the planet.

Here at RGG, we are firm believers in the power of energy and it's role in healing.  We infuse all of our products with crystal waters to amplify their energy and bring you the healing benefits.  That's why the first ingredient listed on all of our products is good vibes.

So it seems like a natural step forward to start offering select crystals to all of you!  We've carefully selected some wonderful crystals and they are all stunning and full of incredible healing vibrations.  They have been cleansed in the sun and amplified with Reiki healing energy.


Size: 1"-2" wide

*The stone you receive may not be the exact stone photographed but one of similar size and shape.  We will intuitively choose which stone will be the most healing for you.


Rhodochrosite Meditation Exercise:

Hold the stone in your hand, close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by a bright, golden light.  Let the light fill you.  Let it be so bright that you can't tell where the light begins and you end.  Let the golden light fill your cells and every part of your being.  Hold yourself in that space for as long as you can and feel the warmth and love of this light as it brings you deep healing.


**If you would like more information about the chakras, click here