A Mindful Choice to Use Less Plastic

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Our world has changed so much in the last decade.  It’s as if we weren’t even here to live through it.  We’ve been so caught up in our day to day that we drifted through a decade of dramatic change on our planet without really noticing it.  We are now beginning to wake up and look around, and see what affect our ways have had on the planet; the error of our ways cannot be ignored any longer.  

It’s a life of less plastic that is needed, and it is needed immediately.  We have been so caught up in the day to day - using plastic in various ways, everyday - that we didn’t even notice the build up of plastic in our oceans and beaches and wildlife.  It has become an almost irreversible problem of epidemic proportions and it is our responsibility to make changes, right now, for the betterment of everyone - and every living thing - on this planet.  Using plastic is not to be taken lightly anymore. With a whopping 7+ billion people on the planet, and each of us coming into contact with plastic in one way or another, everyday, it is now impeding on us, our health, and causing detrimental effects to the environment all over the world.

So lovelies, it is up to us to make a mindful choice to use less plastic in our lives from this day forward.  It is up to us to choose to see the effects and not take them lightly. Instead, we need to tread on this earth a little more lightly and choose to make a positive mark on it for the betterment of future generations.  As the beautiful quote from First Nations Chief Seattle states, “we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”

So what are some simple changes you can make that will create a positive impact?  Use less single use plastic. This awesome infographic from Scriberia UK details it perfectly.

infographic on how to live with less plastic, plastic reduction infographic

Small changes can have remarkable impacts and if we take responsibility for ourselves and each make these changes, we will stop literal tonnes of plastic from reaching the landfill or our oceans.  Small changes making remarkable impacts.

There are more and more companies out there that are making these changes easier for you.  Here are some awesome shops in Ontario that are helping to create a more sustainable future and can help you to make more mindful choices.  From product refills, to reusable straws, to cotton vegetable bags and so much more!


Saponetti (where you can refill almost any of our products!)

Karma Co-op

Logan & Finley

Goodness Me!

Mrs. Greenway

Nature’s Emporium

Health Hut



Urban Bulk Emporium

The Mercantile

Chartreuse Style

Simply Zen

Feel excited about making these changes and know that they will really make a positive impact.  As we each take responsibility for our own actions, we will inspire others to do the same. Let’s create a chain reaction of positive change that will create a more beautiful, thriving planet for all of us to share!  

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