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Products with a Purpose

We are a modern brand that formulates, manufactures and packages in Toronto, Canada. Each product is made by us from start to finish using pure, all natural ingredients, in small batches with intention and good vibes. We are a brand with a purpose; to bring the world pure and simple goods with high vibrations that positively impact both the user and their surroundings.   

Vicki and Stephanie sitting on front steps of a house

Positivity, Intention and Good Vibrations

Really Great Goods integrates positivity and affirmations into each product to invite people to reconnect with themselves and help them find inner peace and balance. Positivity and affirmations have enhanced our lives and we share this knowledge to help impact the lives of each of our customers.

All of our products are imbued with good vibrations. Not only do we make our products with the best intentions in mind, we also add energy elixirs to each product to raise their vibration and the vibration of all those who come in contact with our products. An energy elixir is an energetically enhanced, Reiki treated water that was made with the energetic essences of various crystal rocks (quartz, amethyst, lapis lazuli, jade etc). As shown in the work by Masaru Emoto, water can take on the energetic essence of crystals and emotions. It is our intention to help pass the positive benefits of crystals to our products and all those who use them.

Positivity breeds and attracts positivity. Like attracts like.  We want to spread positivity to our customers and everyone they come in contact with to bring more joy and optimism to this world.  That is our intention.

hands holding beads and rose quartz

Essential Oils

Essential oils are some of nature's greatest gifts. They are the concentrated essence of the plant in which they are extracted from. We highly value the healing properties of essential oils and adore their profound and complex aromas.

To counteract the plethora of chemical scents and perfumes found in common products, we provide natural products scented with pure essential oils. We want to help our clients move towards all natural products to help reduce their chemical load and instead gain the natural benefits essential oils have to offer. We pride ourselves on using the best essential oils and use local, wild-crafted and/or organic oils when possible.

Forest Fresh room spray with natural elements around it, Really Great Goods

Packaging and the Environment

We intentionally package the majority of our products in amber glass bottles to preserve the active, healing properties contained in our goods. We care about our environment and this beautiful planet that we live on is always top of mind. This is why we release products in environmentally friendly, high quality packaging.  

We care about environmental impacts in our offices and warehouse as well and are committed to low waste by recycling, composting and reusing.  This includes a commitment to using recycled boxes and packing our orders with reused label paper. 

narrow depth of field of bottles on a shelf, Really Great Goods room and body sprays


We want you to know that we care and we truly want you to feel really great, always.

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