Retailer Spotlight: OrgAngie Natural Store

view of OrgAngie store in London, Ontario

We always love getting to know our retailers and what makes them tick.  This month, I had the pleasure of chatting with Angie, owner of OrgAngie in London, Ontario.  

I asked Angie a few questions about her business and wanted to share them with you guys!  Angie is a warm, open, lovely human and it was a pleasure getting to know more about her, her business and what brought her to this point on her path. 

Here's some of Angie's story:

1. Tell us about OrgAngie!  What was the process from conception to physical space?

    OrgAngie Natural Store started with my natural skincare brand OrgAngie Natural Skincare. I wanted a permanent space to be able to personally talk about my products, and really get a chance to represent them in the right light and personally give my customers a well-rounded experience.  I knew that this experience had to also incorporate complementary natural and eco-friendly products. I didn’t need or want a huge space.

    I found a great opportunity in my neighbourhood, a small community business and art incubator B13 The Baker’s Dozen. The space allows me to create a boutique like feeling, with a décor that is natural and light which highlights the actual products on the shelves without having an overcrowded feeling.

    view of shelves with products at OrgAngie, London Ontario

    2. Our readers always love hearing about what our stockists are all about.  What does OrgAngie specialize in?

    I have been trained in organic skincare formulation which has taught and allowed me to properly create and develop, stable and effective skincare. So, I really do specialize in organic skincare formulation.

    3. Tell us more about YOU Angie!   What made you want to bring OrgAngie to life?  

    I didn’t come to this industry in the typical way. It actually started with a book that I read about organic farming. It really opened my eyes to the kind of disconnect we have with our food and I questioned what other things in our daily lives we are disconnected from. That’s where the beauty/personal care idea came to light. I researched all sides from marketing of natural products to the science of ingredients and more.

    I decided to try my hand at DIY recipes for myself and close friends and family.  I always questioned the small integral parts that should be considered when making products. That’s when I knew that I had to turn to schooling to properly create, develop and manufacture the products. As in nature, a seed was planted, and it bloomed into the brand that you see today.

    Angie, owner of OrgAngie, London Ontario

    4. What 3 tips could you give our readers that would help them live more naturally?  In their homes and their beauty routine.

    This is a great question.  The number one thing would be to slowly start replacing conventional products with natural products – one at a time! Especially if your budget is tight.

    The second would be, don’t be so hard on yourself if you are not 100% natural. As long as you make a conscience decision about what you buy and the ingredients that are in them, that’s half the battle.  For example, sometimes you cannot find the right natural face cream. That’s okay. Just keep looking for that perfect natural fit.

    The third would be figure out what natural means to you and buy based on what you feel defines that. Not on how other people/brands define that.

    inside OrgAngie, shelves with products

    5. What would you suggest to our readers to help them shop more locally?

    Explore your neighbourhood and support the local small businesses by buying from them on a regular basis. This improves the local economy allowing them to thrive, preserving the uniqueness of your community.

    Sign up for events hosted by them and follow on social media. Engaging and interacting with local business owners regularly will benefit you by giving you a better level of service.

    Once you’ve mastered shopping local, encourage others to do so as well.  One of the best things you can do is spread the word!


     All photos courtesy of Angie Guenther

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