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We are coming up on our 4 year anniversary and this is our FIRST blog post!  We would like to give you a warm welcome and our gratitude for joining us here and supporting our business.  It has been quite the ride so far, but it has been amazing, inspiring and educational every step of the way.

So welcome to our first blog post where we’d like to give you a deeper look into who and what RGG is!

Really Great Goods, Vicki Gryspeerdt, Stephanie Ablett

RGG is owned and operated by Vicki Gryspeerdt and Stephanie Ablett.  Two Canadians with a lot of love for nature and keeping things simple.  We are deep believers in intentional living and energy medicine and these aspects are deeply embedded in all aspects of our business and most importantly, in the products we create.

We wanted Really Great Goods to be a collection of just that; really great goods.  Products that have meaning, are vegan and all natural, and are helping the planet by being both environmentally friendly and energetically activated.  For us the path has been more than just bringing green products to the masses. It has been about helping people find the green products they needed that are environmentally friendly and imbued with positive, loving energy.  

Both Vicki and I have always been the DIY type and whenever we couldn’t find the natural products we were looking for, we’d make our own.  With a variety of recipes and products under our belts, we decided that we should team up and bring them to a wider audience. Alongside our DIY tendencies, we have both also studied various energy medicine practices including Reiki, Sacred Space, Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine techniques and many others.  We are also avid readers of self care, healing modalities, holistic nutrition and mindfulness. These practices play a big part in the creation and production of our Really Great Goods.

Each of our scents have an affirmation assigned to them to further your experience with the products.  Affirmations are used to help bring you into the moment, to reconnect with yourself and to bring more awareness to your thoughts.  If you are intentional about thinking positive thoughts, it can create remarkable change in your life. As the late Dr. Wayne Dyer once said “thoughts create things” which can essentially be a blissful life.  Connecting those intentions to our products made us feel that we could help, even if in the smallest amount, to bring more bliss into your life.


You’ll notice that Good Vibes are listed as the first ingredient in each of our products. But what are good vibes? Though highly metaphysical in nature, good vibes are in fact a physical thing.  Energy elixirs are created and added to each and every product we make. An energy elixir is an energetically enhanced, Reiki treated water that is made with the energetic essences of various crystal rocks (quartz, amethyst, lapis lazuli, jade etc).  These crystals are placed in filtered water and enhanced with Reiki energy.  

As shown in the work by late Masaru Emoto, water can take on the energetic essence of crystals and emotions. It is our intention to help pass the positive benefits of crystals and Reiki to our products and all those who use them. Another way that we could help, even if in the smallest amount, to bring more bliss into your life.

We welcome you to explore these fields and to ask us any questions you may have about them.  We would like to use this platform (our blog) as a way to share our knowledge with you and to give you an inside look at what RGG is really about.  Thank you so much for taking to time to read this post. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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