Lavender, Rose and Neroli Organic Face Mists from Really Great Goods.
Lavender, Rose and Neroli Organic Face Mists from Really Great Goods
Lavender, Rose and Neroli Organic Face Mists on wooden cutting board, from Really Great Goods


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High vibration sprays with power and purpose.  If you're having a hard time choosing one spray, we feel you.  This set allows you to try all 3 of them, gaining the benefits from each.

- lavender helps with mental clarity and reducing stress & anxiety
- helpful for sleep
- can help reduce acne, aid skin irritations, cuts and abrasions
- amethyst is a very spiritual stone that can help to balance all chakras
- amethyst is useful to use alongside meditation (try spritzing before meditating)


- rose can help to reduce stress and depression; uplift mood
- rose can help to reduce scarring and help with anti-aging
- rose quartz is know as the stone of love (for self and for all)
- rose quartz has a soothing energy; calms the mind


- neroli can help to lift the spirit and mood with antidepressant properties
- neroli has regenerative and restorative properties (helpful for problematic skin) 
- clear quartz is known as one of the best energy cleansing stones
- clear quartz helps with the removal of negative energies


To use: Spray face and body directly or walk through mist to clear the mind, soothe the skin and restore your energy to a balanced, loving state.

No additives, synthetic colours or fragrances, ever.

Do not spray directly in eyes.

Size: 100ml/3.4 fl oz (x3)